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Reinventing Transport

Dec 12, 2018

I interviewed Patrick Reynolds and Matt Lowrie, two of the bloggers on the Greater Auckland blog in New Zealand’s largest city. It was a wide ranging conversation which will eventually become two Reinventing Transport episodes and one Reinventing Parking episode. 

Auckland is a striking example of a rather car...

Nov 6, 2018

Parking is the focus of Episode 8 of Reinventing Transport. 

Highlights include how most cities plan parking like they plan toilets, and why that is a bad idea. Also, why on-street parking is actually not a public good. I discuss Adaptive Parking, a set of ideas for getting urban success (and parking success) but...

Oct 9, 2018

This solo episode with Paul Barter offers perspective on cities and their transport systems, with the help of city types based on transport modes, such as Walking Cities, Transit Cities, Bus Cities, Motorcycle Cities and Car Cities. It's imperfect but useful, especially if we add the idea of a Traffic Saturated City,...

Sep 4, 2018

Margarita Parra and Paul Barter discussed lessons from her 8 years directing the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation grant-making aimed at reducing transportation-related air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Show notes at

Aug 23, 2018

Carlos Felipe Pardo and Paul Barter discussed the intriguing and neglected idea of "slowness" in urban transport. Detailed shownotes are at: